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We all have a story. Who we are and where we come from are our individual stories. Our sense of selves and of place is anchored deep within us. These stories bind our relationships with one another and with our natural and built environment to give us a sense of belonging. This tangible and intangible heritage makes each story unique.

At Your Story and More

We begin by sharing our stories of the south east of Ireland starting with county Waterford. As we expand, our stories will include many Irish counties and beyond, as historian Maxine Keoghan PhD, and others, share their interests which include the Irish diaspora. With a special interest in the people of Connemara, don’t be surprised to see many stories from this unique region of Ireland.

The global reach of the people of the south east is expansive. However, one extraordinary story continues and that is the relationship between the culture and traditions of the people of the south east of Ireland and the Irish of Newfoundland. This intrinsic link between one people of two communities provides a remarkable opportunity for self-discovery. For Irish people, travelling to Newfoundland is like visiting another Irish county even with the visible topographical differences. For Newfoundlanders, travelling to Ireland is to return home to that sense of place that binds people to their original identity.

Our genealogical expertise was gained by studying waves of Irish emigration to North America from the late seventeenth century onwards. Discovering your genealogy and writing your story are important connections to place and your sense of belonging.

Allow us help you to discover your story with our knowledge and skills. Let us be your guide when you visit Ireland, or write your story with the expertise of historians and genealogists. In the meantime, why not read more about where we call home, where our stories begin

The Irish Gazette - Irish Newspaper of the Upper Midwest of America

Maxine is a contributor to the The Irish Gazette, The Irish newspaper of the upper Midwest of America, edited by James Brooks.
Father James Nugent – A Connemara Hero of the 1880 Assisted Emigration Scheme

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