As a part of Maxine’s doctoral thesis, a genealogical study was undertaken to understand the lives of immigrants who had left the far west of Connemara in Ireland and relocated to Minnesota in 1880. This fascinating study revealed how the subsequent generations continued to migrate west to Washington and California. Further and more importantly, it provided the opportunity to see that a genealogical study alongside an historical study produces the most comprehensive understanding of how people lived and behaved in past generations. Historians and genealogists are excellent detectives who begin with a natural curiosity for people and places. Their ability to research and understand information and place it in a context of time and events ensures that when applied to the study of families, a fuller and more complete story is always revealed. 

How to Trace Your Family Tree-

Start with the basics – what you know and work backwards. Take note of where you, your parents and grandparents were born. The area your family come from is important and may be vital to find records such as church records. Further a local historian is a great source to talk with as often they not only have the knowledge of the area but also have an interest in local history and may have a copy of records that they have gathered over time. 

Talk to older members of your family as they are an excellent resource and should be spoken to once you have decided to study your family tree

What documents are available to you i.e. birth, death, marriage certificates. Perhaps old photographs, newspaper clippings, personal notes and letters, maybe a diary was kept by an aunt or a notebook has carefully recalled details of a grandfathers place of work. 

Family Gravestone inscriptions – names and dates are generally correct

What is available online the expansion of genealogical research in recent years has been as a result of developments in online research and the accessibility of resources. There are so many digital avenues to discover and the Irish government has made every effort to provide information. When starting an Irish genealogical investigation one of the first sites we recommend is where many civil, church and many other records can be found.  

The emergence of subscription sites that provide access to historical documents has been a great advancement in studying genealogy but they can be expensive and this may be a good reason to seek the help of a genealogist as in many cases they have access to all of the paid sites and have spent a considerable time learning and collecting documents. But before you decide to contact a genealogist, you can access many sites that are free and may even provide you with sufficient information to satisfy your curiosity. 


Reasons why you should choose to us to help you

We have the knowledge. We are qualified historians and experienced genealogists who have spend many years developing our skills. We understand the documents we work with and can quickly access information.

At YourStoryandMore we work with local genealogists to assist you in discovering more about your family history. We can further support your family in writing a bespoke family heirloom, a book dedicated to your family, a legacy gift. Please submit your enquiry below where research costs and family legacy gifts can be discussed.

My Gift To You – A Unique Legacy Heirloom

Sadly, as a part of life we loose those we love and so many times we think to ourselves, “if only I could ask my mother”. For some it’s a family recipe that people wish they had made a record of and for others it’s the personal words and images that are forever precious.

Modern technology allows for the recording of our loved ones by audio or by video. Allow us to bring our skill and experience to your family. We will record your life story by word, audio or video to bring you and your images to life. Leave a message for your loved ones, provide words of encouragement or impart some family wisdom. Let your  ones know how proud you are of them. Your gift can be the bond that binds the generations.

Allow us to bring you words to page or  to create a personal recording. We can design, edit, print and bind your life story. Further we can interview you or your family member and edit the recording by adding images.

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