Waterford’s War Of Independence • The Pickardstown Ambush


The establishment of Dáil Éireann and the shooting dead of two Royal Irish Constabulary Policemen in early 1919 were the sparks that ignited Ireland’s War of Independence.

The guerrilla conflict between the British State, the Irish Volunteers, and the Irish Republican Army did not conclude until a treaty was signed in July 1921. Parallel with the military campaign was the political confrontation between the separatist Sinn Féin party and the British Administration based in Dublin Castle. Sinn Féin had managed to secure election victory in every county outside of the Unionist stronghold of Ulster, with the exception of Waterford.

The combined forces of the pig-buyers, the Unionists of the ascendancy class, and those who had supported the War effort remained loyal to John Redmond and the Irish Parliamentary Party.The arrival of the Black and Tans to reinforce the police in Ireland led to a great increase of violence and encouraged the people of the Déise to join in the struggle to secure an independent Irish nation.

The Tramore Ambush at Pickardstown was another nail in the coffin of British colonial rule.

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